Rumi’s Poetry

A few months ago I started reading a collection of Rumi’s Poetry  by Coleman Barks and I loved it. So, I was thinking about sharing some of the things I liked, not the whole poems but some bits of this and that!


” Mary’s Hiding

I want to be where

Your bare foot walks,

because maybe before you step,

you’ll look at the ground.

I want that blessing. “

” More Range

We’re friends with the one who kills us,

Who gives us to the ocean waves. We

love this death. only ignorance says,

Put it off a while, day after tomorrow.

Don’t avoid the knife. This friend

only seems fierce, brining your soul

more range- perching your falcon on a

cliff of the wind. ”


” The Pattern Improves

This is how I would die

into the love I have for you:

as pieces of cloud

dissolve in sunlight.”


” A Brightening Floor

Shams steps into the room bringing

blessings- a brightening floor

and a star decorating the roof. “




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